Top tips to make your wedding bar run smoothly!

We’ll it is national wedding planning day after all so What better day to drop another blog on our top tips for your wedding bar! I think it’s safe to say that the bar setup is one of the most important parts of the day… apart from the vows obviously!!

Wether your doing your own wedding bar or hiring a professional these are things you need to think about!

1.) Cocktails… who doesn’t love a good cocktail?! But a couple of things to keep in mind! If your not having a separate cocktail bar to your main bar, think about time. A long lavish list of cocktails sounds like a great idea but these take time to create and in turn means your guests may have to wait a little longer in a queue. While beer, wine and spirits are relatively quick to serve. Having a separate cocktail bar to wow your guests with is a fabulous option to minimize queues. But if that’s not an option… why not narrow down the list by having Mr & Mrs cocktails? You favorite cocktails for your guests to enjoy and just having the two reduces work for the bar staff and in turn queues.

2.) Keep your guests hydrated! On all our bars we keep Kilner jars of fruit water to help keep your guests hydrated. This is needed, weddings are generally a long day of drinking and the last thing you need is Uncle Dave getting tipsy before the speeches!

3.) Glasses. If your doing your own bar think about who’s going to clear/wash all the dirty glasses and how many you will need. There is nothing worse then having a table full of dirty glasses right? Maybe consider hiring a glass collector/washer if you are doing a DIY bar, trust me it’ll make a big difference!

4.) Ice and chilling! There really is nothing worse then warm beer. So make sure you have adequate chilling/freezing facilities if your going DIY! If your running a cocktail bar you will need plenty of ice, chiller trailers are a fabulous option for chilling or each PS Bar has a large bottle fridge, freezer and chiller of the draft pumps.

I could write for hours on this but I think that enough for one Monday!

I’ll see you all soon with another blog!


Peggy Sue’s Bar