The ultimate guide to wedding day drinks.

We get asked this question so often, so lets cover it in a blog right now! What drinks should you provide for your guests? (it’s your day… you do you this is just a guide!).

First up a drink on arrival (this is what us wedding pros call the drink after your ceremony, also sometimes called reception drinks too!) this is always a good one to offer your guests for a number of reasons… 1.) it’s a lovely welcome 2.) It can help guide your guests to a new area… I think it’s human nature to drift to when the drinks are haha! 3.) it helps to ease the flow to the bar, everyone drinks at a different pace so the flow of people to the bar is staggered helping with queuing! If you offer just one drink or a bottomless period it will always be welcomed by your guests. There are lots of was to make what drinks you offer personal and fun (this leads me on to next months blog so keep your eyes peeled!)

Secondly… WATER! Yep it’s a super simple one but not one you want to forget. Water on the tables when you sit down to eat is perfect but also think of an option your guests will have access to all day & night. Think of ways to display it, maybe in Kilner jars at water stations (all PS bars have Hydration stations on… we have got you covered!) also… don’t forget to have a designated person to keep this topped up. I promise your guests will thank you in the morning.

Now let’s get onto wedding breakfast… it’s lovely to have a glass of wine or two with your food. We recommend 1/2 a bottle of wine per person. It’s always good to think about those who don’t drunk wine too. I don’t think it’s ever ‘expected’ but an ice bucket of beer always seems to go down a storm.

Last but not least… lets toast! Here is where you can get creative. Fizz is always a safe bet. But how about ‘We’ve tied the knot now take a shot’ … this is such a fun party starter! But also think about ways you can tie in your wedding favours and toast drinks, you can even save a little more on this one! Little bottles of shots with name tags, cocktails in jars that you can all shake together? There really are so many options! (Maybe this should be another blog haha) That’s it! Anything else you wish to offer your guests really is a bonus but you are sure to keep them happy with this easy guide!

Signing out for now,

Peggy Sue’s 🥂