How to make your arrival drinks stand out.

Okay, I’m going to start with what I think maybe an unpopular opinion! But stick with me on this… Prosecco is the most over rated and dated arrival drink… There I said it! Now stick with me and I’ll give you some easy yet fabulous ways to jazz up your arrival drinks.

Firstly, what do you like? It’s your big day, you want to be enjoying your favorite things! If you love beer how about a booze bath? This is one I found of Pinterest… Super cute right?

Cocktails your thing? If so think about something that batches up perfectly (or hire a pro to do it for you 😉) and serve it in kilner jars. Pimm’s always goes down a storm and we absolutely love an English Garden made with our Peggy Sue’s London Dry Gin, its the perfect summer drink, fruity and refreshing! Also a fruity water is always a great idea to put along side what ever you choose so your guests stay hydrated… You’ll thank us later!

Or… If fizz really is your thing (I Know I said it’s over rated! But it doesn’t have to be!) why not jazz it up a little? I’m absolutely in love with the idea of a mimosa station, it’s so simple but so effective. You literally just add juices and a little fruit to your fizz. Your guest will love getting creative with the flavors, it adds a little color and fun to your arrival drinks.

All these arrive drinks ideas can be created by us at Peggy Sue’s… you need someone to top up the Kilner jars and wipe up the mess when someone over fills the fizz… theres always one right?! We’re always happy to chat through idea to help you put a personalised stamp on your big day.

I’ll see you all soon with another blog!


Peggy Sue’s Bar x