How to create the perfect party bar menu!

I would argue that the drinks aspect of you a party is right up there in the levels of importance… are you with me?

Your drinks menu is a perfect way to add some personalization to your big day or celebration. Wether you’re hiring a bar in or going DIY it’s definitely something you need to put a little thought into. I know it can feel a little like a minefield with so many options out there. This is why we give all PS couples a sample bar menu with the option to make changes to add the things they love to make it there own. This is to avoid overwhelm and to make sure we have a little of everything on the menu. If you going for the DIY option check out some bar menus and look at the staples every menu has for some inspiration! We would suggest you would need at least one Lager, Cider & Ale as well as a selection on spirits, wines, fizz, shots and soft drinks to keep everyone happy.

Next up your Cocktail menu… okay I know a Cocktail menu isn’t a must have but who doesn’t love a Cocktail, so in my eyes it’s a must! Now when your creating this menu keep in mind that you want something for everyone, so try to incorporate a cocktail containing each type of spirit if you can. One you have your list, hello cute signage! This is a perfect place to pop in some super gorgeous drink signage. PS Couples we give you free rein with a list of cocktails split into spirit categories as a guide and we do your signage for you 😉 You can either stick with the classic names or give them a themed twist…

Which brings me onto themes… we love themes but choosing cocktails solely based on them isn’t always wise. For example just be because your having a 007 party doesn’t mean the classic martini should be your go too (they are an acquired taste!) let’s put a modern twist on a classic and have a ‘martini menu’ with all the modern favs alongside the OG’s. Alternatively you can play with names… getting married why not call your mojito ‘mint to be’ or your rum punch ‘run away with me’ cheesy but fun right?

Last but not least… don’t forget the alcohol free options! OJ and fizzy drinks get boring! Give the Sober one’s something to cheer about with Mocktails and AF options.

There you have it, now what are you going to have on your bar menu?