About Us

Hi I’m Emma…

You may wonder how I came to start Peggy Sue’s?

Originally I was dead set on having my own pub. Anyhow as a then 22 year old lady starting out, getting a pub of my own proved difficult and truly I wasn’t sure I wanted to leave the wedding industry behind. So the idea of Peggy Sue’s was born…

What if I could take my pub on the road and merge my two loves together. It was just a dream! However after breaking my knee and taking a little time off I just knew working for someone else my whole life wasn’t going to be an option!

Darryn my other half said something along the lines of now or or never! So off we went to see our first rusty old trailer…

We took her in a heart beat with my vision firmly stuck in our minds. I just knew what she could become. A few long months later Peggy was born!

So there we have it… how I found myself living my dream!

Since then Peggy Sue’s has continued to grow with the help of Darryn (my other half) and Robert (my dad).

We now have Peggy Sue & Marry Lou our matching trailer bars on the road along side our 360 Round Bar & our large rustic indoor bar. As well as our live Champagne wall.

The ladies couldn’t do enough to help, everyone loved their cocktails and they were so warm, chatty and really made our day extra special – thank you so much!