2023 Wedding Drink Trends

2023… first how did that happen, I swear we were in 2019 like 2 weeks ago haha! Anyway less time portal jokes and more drinks trends. I hear you! As the world becomes more and more instagramable I would bet my bottom dollar wedding drinks will follow and hell I’m all for it, lets get Boujee!

So here are four wedding drink ideas that I think will be bang on trend for your 2023 wedding.

Firstly and gosh I love this one… Champagne Towers! Eakkk, the photos of the newly weds pouring champagne and it cascading down the tower! Snap snap Beautiful photos, toast drinks poured in a totally Boujee way. 2023 please make this one happen!

Second up… Cocktails! I know this isn’t a new thing but boy I think cocktails are going to blow this year. Mrs & Mr Signature Cocktails, Cocktail bars, flare bar tending, smoking cocktails, flaming cocktails… they are coming! I’m thinking the more out there the better!

Third Trend… Mocktails. Okay stay with me on this one but alcohol free has become a big thing and with so many fabulous 0% spirits out there hell yes to making fabulous cocktails with them and giving the non drinks something to get excited about for once! Pregnant ladies and drivers 2023 is here for you.

Forth and Final 2023 Trend… does this fall under cocktails? Maybe but DIY cocktail stations are coming! Cocktails are so much fun to make and can be such a fun activity for your guests to do on your wedding day. These can be totally customizable and unique to you! Espresso Martinis your thing? Cool have them? Is it Mint to be with Mojitos. What every your favorite cocktail maybe pair it up with some super cute signage and away you go. (Or hire in a company to build and man your DIY station to keep everything tidy and in order as well as giving your guests a little guidance!)

There we have it. My four 2023 wedding drink trends. What do you think, will you be showcasing any of these on your big day?